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Metairie, LA


Environment Assessment in Metairie, LA

Each property comes with its own environmental risks. That’s why property inspections should include site-specific issues as well as standard inspection elements. At Air Testing Associates LLC, our experienced inspectors provide comprehensive environmental assessments for property owners and buyers in Metairie, LA.

Assess Your Property for Environmental Risks

An environmental assessment takes into consideration the age and location of a structure in order to identify site-specific environmental problems and risks. These problems may include groundwater or air quality issues, radon, asbestos, mold, or even lead-based paint.

At Air Testing Associates LLC, our professional property inspectors have the skill, experience, and in-depth knowledge it takes to effectively identify the environmental issues that could affect a property’s long-term safety or integrity. Whether you’re buying a property or ensuring the safety and integrity of a property you already own, an environmental assessment from an experienced inspector is a must. Call Air Testing Associates LLC today to learn more about our property inspection services and to request a quote.